Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Budget Information

I wanted to take a moment to post a link off of the city's website for the upcoming budget process. The budget will continue to be reviewed in coming weeks and will be certified by Mar. 15th. Please feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns. Or, as always, shoot me an email or give a call.

Here is the link: click here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

January Survey Results

Thanks to all who participated in my informal survey this month. I have compiled the results in a PDF. We had a total of 28 participants.

Thanks, Ian

To view survey results:

Click here

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Next All-Wards Meeting Set

I will be hosting an all-wards meeting from 6:30-pm until 8-pm on Tues., Jan. 30th, at the Fairmount Library (3000 N. Fairmount St., just S of Kimberly Rd.) in the 2nd Ward. Ald. Hamerlinck will join me, among others. The agenda will include: police update, budget update, and NEO. Any other discussion topics or questions may be submitted in advance through this blog or via email ( or phone (508-2842). Thanks, Ian

Additional info: click here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking back at 2006, looking ahead for 2007

The New Year is always a time to reflect upon the past 12 months and look ahead for the coming year. Here are a few "positive highlights", which I am supportive of. Hopefully this will lead to more success in 2007.

- The city lowered the operating budget in 2006 and is continuing to look at ways to become more efficient and effective.
- We are positioned for a better round during the budget process this spring, with revenue increased and departments coming in under budget.
- Our city received another AA bond rating for its' financial standing and fiscal responsibility, only a few cities in the state own a higher rating.
- Our neighborhoods are turning a corner in a number of areas of town, thanks to citizen involvement. The DAI has helped us look at the big picture, while strides have been made with a re-energized effort in Goose Creek Hts., continued progress in the Gold Coast, and with the re-invention of the Roosevelt Center - now home to a new Boy's and Girl's Club.
- We have hired a firm to help us with planning on existing commercial corridors, including Brady-Harrison, West Locust, and Rockingham.
- Final steps are being made on a new ownership deal with the Swing, which should breathe more life into JOD.
- We are moving towards a Consolidated Dispatch Center for Davenport and Scott County, this should save dollars and make emergency response more effective and efficient.
- Our NETS program is making neighborhoods safer, while our volunteer policing program (VIPS) is accounting for over 4000 hours of support for the department on an annual basis. Also, the new DPD station will streamline processes and incorporates a "green design."
- Our police department achieved national accreditation for the second time, while public works and the fire department are moving towards their first national accreditations.
- The East Village Business Association is looking at ways to improve streetscapes and re-market the area as a newly designated historic commercial area. Already, plans are in the works for a new meat market and cigar shop.
- We have been working on a Neighborhood Financing Program to improve economic diversity in older historic areas of town. The program would be open to all income levels and operate as a 501 (c) 3 ; the county and local lending institutions are being invited to assist with the forgivable loans.
- River Vision is still on the front burner and plans are in place to re-claim five acres of green-space in LeCalire Park. This effort is coupled with the opening of our popular new skate park.
- Our new amenities are holding their own. The Figge hosts thousands every month, the Redstone Room has had success, and the newly renovated Adler Theatre is now equipped to host more Broadway shows - plus other events.
- Task forces are reviewing the Blackhawk Hotel and River Center. Three developers have expressed interest in helping renovate the Blackhawk.
- We are continually looking at attracting jobs and businesses to the city. Many successes have been realized in 2006, including new developments in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Park and the new Cingular announcement.
- I have met with Davenport One's small business council to form initial plans to make the city more business friendly and to promote more organic growth.
- Uses for a re-invented Freight House are being explored and a new project is currently being reviewed for the space.
- More people are living downtown, especially in lofts around 4th and Iowa.
- Prairie Hts. is moving forward with new home construction, as well as a new park and library. It is my hope that a commercial use and school is formally added to the mix as well.
- The Westside Sewer Tunnel project is moving along with initial funding. A task force is meeting through Davenport One to continue looking at options and to assist with the securing of assistance for funding.
- Some strides have been made to market the QC's as a whole, but we must continue to be persistent on this front to achieve significant results.